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- ˈrev(ə)rē/

"a state of being pleasantly lost in one's thoughts; a daydream"

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We aim to create an immersive experience to satisfy your senses and imagination. At Reverie at Weldon Park we consistently push creative boundaries while working harmoniously, sustainably and passionately with nature.

It all begins with a walk through the park... Here, you will experience a new daydream; a Reverie. It’s more than meets the eye; it’s an exploration of flavour, a visual fantasy, and a journey through your imagination.

It's more than the world class service, the inspiring music, and more than the 40 seat restaurant adorned with blown glass light fixtures and clouds of pearl flooring. It's more than the floating trees, enchanting cocktail list, and talented brigade de cuisine. It’s the reverie of tomorrow- but served to you today. We all have dreams. We want to show you ours.

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Wednesday, August 30th

( 5PM - 10PM )

Wednesday, September 6th

( 5PM - 10PM )

Wednesday, September 13th

( 5PM - 10PM )
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